About Us: Licensed Process Servers

We have been serving process in New York City for over 11 years. Our mantra is simple: Give our clients what they
want or else give them their money back.

Process Service in New York City

New York laws require that if you are party in a civil case you must not serve the summons or other legal papers
upon the responding party yourself. You should use a licensed process server or uninterested person who
resides in the State of New York and who can issue an affidavit of service.

Who We Are

We will serve your divorce papers, child support petitions, orders to show cause, writs, citations, judgments,
orders of protection, subpoena ad testificandum, subpoena for records, small claims court papers, probate court
summons and any other legal papers in the City of New York..
New York City Process Servers
Phone: 718-345-0244    Fax: 347-295-0244    Email: newyorkprocess@aol.com.