About Us: Licensed Process Servers

We have been serving process in New York City for over 15 years. Our mission is simple: Give our clients what
they want or else give them their money back.

Process Service in New York City

New York laws require that if you are party in a civil case you must not serve the summons or other legal papers
upon the responding party yourself. You should use a licensed process server or uninterested person who
resides in the State of New York and who can issue an affidavit of service.

Who We Are


We are NY licensed process servers who will serve your divorce papers, child support petitions, orders to show
cause, writs, citations, judgments, orders of protection, subpoena to testify, subpoena for records, small
claims court papers, probate court summons and any other legal papers in the City of New York.

New York City Process Servers


Phone: 718-345-0244    Fax: 347-295-0244    Email: takehimtocourt@aol.com

Get Your Legal Papers Served in New York City

Our process servers are duly authorized by The City of New York to serve legal papers in all its counties. Please
call us for a quote or further information. We are the only process servers in New York who will offer a service
guarantee: We'll serve your papers or give you your money back. That's how serious we are about providing you
with excellent service!

We will do every reasonable effort to serve your divorce complaint, child support petition, subpoena for production
of documents, writ of summons, citation, and civil complaint in New York within 2-5 days or we will refund your
process serving fees, as long as you provide correct data regarding your defendant and his/her whereabouts and
you do not require documentation regarding service attempts.

If we do not serve your papers and you do not want your money back, we will issue an affidavit of due diligence for
your case to proceed in court.

What We Do

We will serve your court papers and issue an affidavit of service after service has been completed.

We are experienced process servers in New York who will deliver your court papers as promised. No excuses.
Furthermore we provide:

Status updates via email or telephone

Online and mail payment options

Satisfaction guarantee: No service, your money back.

New York licensed process service

New York City Court filing and searches

Free notarized affidavits of service

Call Us Today! Telephone: (718) 295-0244

Our duly licensed New York City process servers will serve your summons, petition, order to show cause, writ,
complaint, court judgment, subpoena and any other legal document.

We will do the job in only 2-5 business days.

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.