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I need  process service on the  Defendant Below.                                                                                                                 

I just need court services   



Defendant's first name and last name. Include other additional names at end of this form.  If Defendant is a business or corporation, state name of agent for service of process.*

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Other identifying features: Eye color? Wears glasses? Tattoos? Scars? Etc.

Is it OK to serve a third party or agent (Relative, friend, coworker,supervisor, secretary, assistant,  fiancee, attorney,
co-tenant, or employee) if Defendant is unavailable or evasive? If yes, who?*

Any special instructions? Any other information we should know? For example, other addresses to find him/her? Who
will likely answer the door? Who else is living at her/his apt.?  Is he/she usually addressed by her first  or last name or a
nickname? Is Defendant expecting your papers?  Has dogs? Is violent? Is armed? Will refuse to open door?  Access to
premises difficult?  Security check at building? Has evaded service in the past? Are the court papers being served good
news for Defendant ?Have you tried to serve the court papers previously?  Etc.*

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