Service of Process in New York

We serve legal process for New York State and out-of-state cases pending in:

Family Court of the State of New York

Civil Court of the City of New York

Supreme Court of the State of New York

United States District Court Southern District of New York

Surrogate's Court State of New York

Small Claims Court

Guaranteed Process Service in New York City

Not only do we guarantee service of process. We assure you that our process servers will serve your Family Court
papers, subpoenas, summons, complaint and any other New York or out of state legal document that needs to be
served in New York City.

Our process servers are New York City professionals with experience serving legal documents. They will respect
your privacy and your defendant's rights. We follow New York rules when serving legal documents. We do not use
trickery, deceit or other illegal methods used by other process servers. If your papers cannot be served using a
method recommended by the court, then we will issue an affidavit of due diligence for your case to proceed.


"Thanks for serving my papers timely". J. S., Georgia

"You are true professionals. I got custody of my son thanks to your effective delivery of the summons upon my ex-wife.
Thanks a lot"., Marcus Jones, NYC.

"I will recommend you to my partners because you are really good at what you do". T. S., Esq..