New York Process Servers.

Our licensed New York process servers will serve your court documents anywhere in New York City within 2-5 business days.

We will serve the following types of documents in New York:


  •  Summons with Notice -Action for Divorce

  •  Child Support Summons and Petition

  •  Summons and Petition for Visitation

  •  Spousal Support Summons and Petition 

  •  Order of Protection or Restraining Order

  •  Summons with Endorsed Complaint

  •  Subpoena for Records and Subpoena to Testify

  •  Thirty Day Notice Terminating Tenancy

  •  Notice of Petition Hold Over and Petition Hold Over

  •  Notice of Petition Non-Payment and Petition Non-Payment

  •  Court Order or Court Decision

  •  Demand Letter

  •  Notice to Quit

  •  Notice to Tenant or Rent Demand

  •  Judgment

  •  Citation or Summons

  •  Notice of Claim and Order to Appear in Court

  •  Writ of Summons

We also serve all kinds of documents from New York courts and out-of-state courts, including:

  • Supreme Court of the State of New York

  • Family Court of the State of New York

  • Civil Court of the City of New York

  • Surrogate's Court of the State of New York

  • United States District Court

  • Small Claims Court

  • New York State Surrogate's Court

  • New York State Court of Claims

  • New York Court of Appeals

  • New York State Department of Labor

  • International Courts

  • Superior Court of the State of California

  • Judicial Circuit State of Florida

  • Other Out-of-State Courts

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How to Send Your Court Papers

By fax: 347-295-0244.

By email:

Or Mail Your Papers to:

Superior Services JD, Inc.
54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F
Brooklyn, NY 11212.

Or Bring Your Papers in Person to:
405 Rockaway Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212.

Our process servers are duly authorized by The City of New York to serve legal papers in all its counties. Please call us for a quote or for further
information. We are the only process servers in New York who will offer a service guarantee: We'll serve your papers or give you your money back. We are committed to offering outstanding professional process service!